Fran Jacobs

Fantasy and Horror Author

My Shorts

I wrote my first short story, "This is My Heart," for my AS english language course when I was nineteen, for which I recieved full marks. Since then I have written many more, in a variety of different genres, including supernatural and fantasy. All of them have since been published and some of them are available to read here for free.

This is my Heart: The story of gay teen, Simon, and the conflict he faces between religion and his sexuality.

The Succubus: A succubus falls in love with a boy, meant to be her prey.

Medyna's Choice: In the White Lion Inn, a woman confronts the demon who killed her husband. This is a prologue short story to my novel series, Ellenessia's Curse, available for free.

Rules of War and Other Stories: A collection of five of my previously published short stories.

The Child-Eaters Society and Other Stories. A collection of nine horror/urban fantasy new stories inspired by/based on Ancient Greek and Roman myths.