Fran Jacobs

Fantasy and Horror Author

Ellenessia's Curse


The Shadow Seer Part One, Book one of Ellenessia's Curse

book cover For generations prophets have foreseen the birth of the Shadow Seer, the oracle of dark visions and fallen kingdoms. But by the time of Sorron, King of Carnia, their warnings have mostly been forgotten and his name is known only to a handful of scholars.

When Sorron's grandson, Prince Candale, falls deathly ill, the Seer's legends are brought to light once again by his saviour, a witch named Mayrila. She believes that Candale is the fulfillment of those long forgotten prophecies.

She believes that he is the Shadow Seer.


'A spell-binding fantasy that plunges the reader into a world of dark secrets and strange visions.'
Yellow30 Sci Fi


The Shadow Seer Part Two, Book One of Ellenessia's Curse.

(only available in print, included in e-book)

book cover Candale has reached the mage training school of White Oaks, home to the Rose Prophecies, the oldest surviving account of the Shadow Seer. There, in its ancient pages, he finally finds the proof that he needs to confirm that he is the foretold prophet of legend.

Soon after this Candale's gifts begin to awake and he has to struggle to maintain a semblance of a normal life as he deals with them, and the continued attacks from his mysterious enemy, the Order. All the while living under the shadow of the painful future prophets in the past had foretold for him.


The Seers Tower, Book Two of Ellenessia's Curse.

book cover Prince Candale has discovered the truth about himself at last. He is the Shadow Seer, foretold prophet of dark visions and fallen kingdoms. The witch Mayrilla tried to teach him control, but now she lies dead, struck down by Candale's own hand, and the ever-watching shadow has begun to talk.

It wants him to go the kingdom of Idryan, to the Seer's Tower, and tells him that what he will learn there will change everything. It promises rewards, if he obeys, but punishment if he does not.

But is it the voice of the demon, Ellenessia, that talks to him, a voice to be obeyed, or just the beginnings of Candale's prophecised descent into madness?


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