Fran Jacobs

Fantasy and Horror Author

Rules of War and Other Stories


cover of rules of war

Rules of War and Other Stories is a collection of five short stories by fantasy writer, Fran Jacobs.

A woman seeks out the demon who killed her husband, a hero returns home after defeating the Dark One while a boy meet a familiar stranger in the famous Midnight Market. And in a world where their two races are at war, a mortal boy and his faerie lover go on the run, and a man bring homes a faerie, trapped in a cage.

The stories included are: 

Rules of War. Set in a world where faeries and humans are at war with each other. Young Arathy's father brings home a faerie, captured in a cage. It was first published with Chaos Theory, Tales Askew, in 2005 and reprinted with Daikaiju in 2006.


The Midnight Market. I was inspired to write this after visiting a night time Christmas market in Derby. Sylan meets a strange boy during the Midnight Market, who seems to know him, even though they had never met before. First published by Golden Visions in 2011. (Although faeries and the Faerie Realm is mentioned in this story, it's not set in the same world as 'Rules of War' or 'Ume's Lament'. Basically, they're different faeries, from a different realm.)


Medyna's Choice. This story acts as a prequel to my novel series, Ellenessia's Curse, and tells of Medyna's revenge on the demon Ellenessia. First published with Neo-opsis in 2006. Reprinted with Dred in 2006.


Homecoming. Tyran was the chosen one, the one foretold to destroy the Dark One. This is the story of what happens after that. It was first published by Golden Visions magazine in 2009.


Ume's Lament. Set in the same world as 'Rules of War' this is the story of lovers Talyn, a mortal, and Salir, a faerie, living on the run. It was written for a competition for Fantasy Writers website, where it came third, and was first published by Forgotten Worlds in 2006 and reprinted by Golden Visions in 2008.


The collection is available in ebook and print from and (and European amazons), Smashworlds, and through this website.