Fran Jacobs

Fantasy and Horror Author



Dark Markets - Website with resources and list of publishers of horror books/short stories.


Pantheon - Info on various mythology, Greek, Roman, but also Norse and Celtic


Fantasy Name Generator - Generates names, in case you have trouble coming up with them yourself.

First Writer - A useful website with a variety of resources, including publishers and agents.

Jbwb - Useful list of various things, from short story markets to agents, competitions, editing services, for a variety of writing projects. Includes nonspec fic markets as well.

Pre-editors and Editors - Offers a variety of useful information, places to avoid, how to craft a synopsis and cover letter, as well as a list of publishers and agents.

Writer's Write - Website that covers a variety of writing topics, a variety of writing resources, from promotion, to finding a publisher, and also includes freelance jobs, competitions and so on.