Fran Jacobs

Fantasy and Horror Author

Ellenessia's Curse FAQ

How long did it take to write the Ellenessia's Curse series?

A long time. I had the basic first book done in a year, then spent a good few years editing it. But books 2 and 3 took a lot longer to write as it was difficult to find the right place to start, and in the case of book 3, to make sure that all the ends were tied up properly.

You speak of Court life, the backstabbing, the gossiping, etc. You speak of the meals, the courtiers, the rituals. Did all of this come from your imagination? From your degree? From just living there (in the UK)?

I think part of it came from a general assumption that that was how life at Court operated, but I also learnt a lot while studying Tudor and Stuart history. A lot of scheming went on there, with often brutal end results, and I saw no reason why this wouldn't have happened in my world, too. Power and position is attractive to many, but not easily attained and people will do whatever they have to to get what they want, something that hasn't really changed now.

Will you be writing more in this universe?

Yes, at least, I hope so. I would like to write a collection of short stories set in this world that are stories that the characters from the series know. I would also like to write two more series, a prequel and a sequel to this one.

How many kingdoms are there in the world of the Shadow Seer?

There are six kingdoms that are mentioned in the series, Herandor, Carnia, Kyerania, Drasa, Syilis and Idryan, but there are more over the Eastern Sea and Western Reach mountain range.