Fran Jacobs

Fantasy and Horror Author

Rules of War FAQ

Why did you self publish this collection of short stories?

Each of the stories in this collection had previously been published in a magazine and I wasn't sure that any publisher would want to publish it, so I decidded to do it myself. I will try and secure a publisher for future collections of short stories, as long as those stories are new, and for my novels. Self publishing is not something that I want to do too much of, because I still believe that its good to have a proper publisher edit and market your work. As all these stories were published by magazines, they have been properly edited by a publisher, just not the same one!

Which is your favourite story of the collection?

I think it has to be the Midnight Market, a gay love story, inspired by a night time xmas market I visited in Derby and an aspect of faerie mythology, that of their connection with the dead. I have been told its similiar to Neil Gaiman's Stardust, but I think that's only because both stories have a market and reference to faerie types in them.

Why so many references to faeries?

I like faeries, I always have, and the term actually includes demons, like the succubus, as well as giants, ogres, mermaids and the little creatures with wings that most people associate with the word. And because there are so many different types and so many different beliefs associated with them, that they have a connection to the devil and death, that they are tricksters, can curse you, or gift you with magic or a special skill, there is no end to the stories that can be written featuring them.