Fran Jacobs

Fantasy and Horror Author

The Child Eaters' Society FAQ

What's it about?

The Child-Eaters' Society and Other Stories is a collection of short stories inspired by the ancient Greek myths, only set in the modern world, with modern horrors. The stories I have chosen are: Dryope, Orpheus and Eurydice, Hylas and the nymphs, Lamia, The death of Heracles, Cassandra and Agamemnon, Circe, Hecuba. This is the first contemporary collection of stories that I've done, and the first collection of horror, too.

What made you decide to write a horror collection based on Greek Myths?

I have always loved the Greek Myths. I have a masters in Ancient History and the literary side of it, especially the Greek Tragedies was always my favourite. I wanted to put it to use. The Greek myths are actually naturally very dark, filled with rape and death and people being turned into other things. It was hard to find stories that could translate to modern day settings, without being too repetitive, but I enjoyed the challenge of doing something different, something not obviously fantasy.

Is this self published?

Yep. I looked into small print publishers, but many had a minimum word limit and I wasn't sure that I could reach that. I didn't want to force myself to write stories just to meet it, as I thought the stories would suffer, so I decided to do it myself. It also gives me freedom to write what I want, without worrying about being too 'horror' or not 'horror' enough!